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Reservation system updates for 1800 Grant

As we get closer to the reopening of the System Office, we want to ensure everyone is aware of the new hybrid work model and redesigned space. To help prepare you, we’ve created several guides that are available on SharePoint.

In order to facilitate a mix of fully in-person and hybrid work, our physical workspaces needed to become more flexible. Learn more about shared workstations in the Hoteling Desk Basics guide. System employees working in-person at 1800 Grant fewer than three days a week will use the SmartSpace reservation system — available through a web-based desktop portal and a mobile app — to search for a desk in the location of your choice and with the amenities you need (such as dual monitors, standing desks and universal docks) to best conduct your work.

You can also book time in one of the available conference rooms through SmartSpace or through Outlook. Check out the Book a Meeting guide.

Try out the reservation system

We hope these guides prove useful as you take the opportunity to practice using SmartSpace to explore the search features and practice making and canceling reservations between now and Jan. 14.


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