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Need to grab a quick screen capture or image?

Need to capture a screenshot? Windows 10 and MacOS contain built-in snapshot tools that can be utilized with keyboard shortcuts.


For Windows 10 users, pressing the WIN+SHIFT+S keys together will allow you to 'snip' a portion of your screen to be saved. A small menu bar will appear at the top and give you the option to draw your snip area, snip a specific application window or capture the entire screen. The image is then saved to your clipboard, and can be pasted into an email, chat, document, etc. Note: you cannot save your item directly this way. You must paste it somewhere (such as an empty document, Paint, an email, etc.).

You can also use the snipping tool application by searching for it in your bottom search bar. This tool will give you more options, and allow you to save your item by pressing the “save” icon to pick where you’d like the capture saved. Learn more about what your snipping tool can do here.


For Mac users, pressing the COMMAND+SHIFT+4 keys will allow you to snip a portion of your screen. You can then click and drag your cursor to draw a box around your desired screenshot. These automatically save to your desktop as a file that can then be attached or embedded anywhere.

If you press the COMMAND+SHIFT+3 it allows you to take a full capture of whatever screen you have open. This also automatically saves to your desktop.

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