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How to use multiple virtual desktops

Cluttered desktops with too many open windows can become overwhelming and decrease your ease of navigation. Setting up multiple virtual desktops in Windows is a great solution for better organization of your running applications. This feature allows you to create and utilize desktop space beyond the number of physical monitors you have.

Creating Multiple Desktops

On the Windows Taskbar, select the Task View icon, then select the New Desktop option in the top left corner. You can create as many desktops as you need.

Switching Between Virtual Desktops

To switch between desktops, click on Task View and select the desktop you would like to switch to. The hotkey Ctrl + Windows Key + Left/Right arrow also allows you to swap desktops.

Moving Windows Between Desktops

To swap a window between desktops, open Task View and drag and drop the desired window to the desired desktop. Right clicking the window and selecting the Move to option also allows you to move it to the desired desktop.

Naming and Closing Desktops

You can rename your desktops to easily identify them by right clicking on the desktop. When you are finished working in a specific desktop, open Task View and select the X button in the top corner of the desktop you want to close. 


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