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How to identify what laptop ports you have

Your CU issued laptop and docking station have several ports that it sometimes can become overwhelming keeping track of their names or what they do. Some common ports your laptop and docking station have include:

  • VGA connector: A Video Graphics Array (VGA) connector is a three-row 15-pin DE-15 connector. The 15-pin VGA connector was provided on many video cards, computer monitors, laptop computers, projectors, and high definition television sets.
  • HDMI port: A High Definition Media Interface (HDMI) port permits the transfer of audio and video signals between your laptop and other devices like laptops, digital cameras, monitors, game consoles, projectors and more.
  • Display port: This port (like HDMI) comes with a 20-pin connector and also sends video and audio signal to external display devices like monitors. There are two types of DisplayPorts used on modern-day laptops: standard DisplayPort (pictured above) and mini DisplayPort.
  • Type-C or USB C: Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports are usually used for file transfer between your laptop and other devices (laptops, storage disks, smartphones etc), attaching and charging peripherals, and also sometimes serve as a laptop’s charging point. USB-C is the newest USB option and is slimmer, smaller, reversible and handles higher currents with faster transfer speed.

Have another port you aren’t sure what it does? Contact the Service Desk for help!

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