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Four helpful reminders for workdays at 1800 Grant

Coming into the office to work can be refreshing and a nice change of pace after an extended period of remote work. When coming to 1800 Grant, there are a few things to remember.

1. Reserve your workstation on SmartSpace

Book your workstation through the SmartSpace software platform. This service allows you to reserve work and meeting spaces, check in, cancel, or modify your reservations quickly. SmartSpace offers both an iOS and Android app, as well as a web portal. There is a comprehensive SmartSpace guide on SharePoint.

2. Connect to the docking station

Tech issues with docking stations often can be fixed by reconnecting the unit’s power supply. After unplugging and reconnecting the station’s power supply, connect your device again. Many docking stations will need this restart if they have been unused for an extended period. For instructions on locating the power supply, refer to our post on docking station ports.

3. Set up your monitor layout and device connections

Similar to the prior tip, ensure that the docking station and the monitor are properly connected, as well as other cords like the monitor’s power supply. Restarting your device can often help fix issues with display and device misfunction. We also have a tip for setting up dual monitors. 

Note: Your device may read the webcam as new hardware and assume default settings. Always check your camera and mic prior to a Zoom meeting.

4. Reach out to the Service Desk, if needed

If issues persist, there may be a hardware failure or device malfunction with the docking station. Send an email to the Service Desk if the above steps don’t resolve the docking station issue.

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