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Collaborate across CU Campuses with Teams

Create a Shared Channel in Teams with collaborators on different CU campuses

Shared channels in Microsoft Teams create collaborative spaces. Only members of the shared channel can see, access and participate in the channel. You can invite peers from CU Anschutz, CU Boulder, CU Denver, UCCS and/or CU System to participate.

While colleagues from CU campuses can be invited to standard Teams as guests, they have to switch to a different tenant to access their CU System Teams There is no need to switch tenants when using a Shared Channel.

Note: The shared channel lives inside a parent Team and cannot move to a different Team once created. It also cannot be converted to a standard channel. Only a team owner can create a shared channel, and they then become the channel owner with the original Team now the parent Team to the shared channel.

Create a shared channel:

  1. Navigate to the team you want to create a shared channel for and select More options > Add channel.
  2. Enter a name and description for your channel.
  3. Under Privacy, select the down arrow on the right and choose Shared – People you choose from your org or other orgs have access.
  4. Select Create.
    Creating a shared channel
  5. Begin typing the names of the people you want to add to the channel and select from the list of suggested names that appears as you type. To add people outside of CU System, type in their email addresses. Then select Share.

Note: When posting, be sure to use the Shared Channel to reach all members rather than the General one. They may have the same members, but campus participants are more likely to see notifications for a Shared Channel since it does not require switching tenants.

Shared channel by name

You can recognize a Shared Channel by the icon after the name.

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