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Benefits of using Outlook online

Using Outlook Web Client gives users many organizational and instant benefits with the same functionality of the application itself. Having access to Outlook Web Access (OWA) provides users with their Office 365 mailbox without needing to use the Outlook application. 

Because OWA only requires a web browser, you can send emails anytime, anywhere and by using any device. All you’ll need is to log in with your email and password. After logging in, you will be able to see your mailbox in real time with no delay in any email arrival to your inbox.

Some OWA benefits include:

  • Emails are delivered extremely fast, compared to using Microsoft Outlook on a laptop or computer.
  • Complete email history is available. Because OWA doesn’t need to download copies of your messages like the local copy on your computer, you can see a complete history of all your emails.
  • Advanced search on OWA allows users to search more than one location at once and add filters such as keywords, date, subject, and if it has any attachments.
  • OWA allows you to customize the layout of the mailbox such as the color scheme, focused inbox, display density, the location of the reading pane and how to sort emails.

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