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Ethelyn Thomason Larsen, CU Anschutz "My learning curve on shared governance has been nearly vertical since that time. We are all parts of a whole that cannot function without each other. To me, that is the essence of shared governance: we the faculty work together, support each other, protect each other, and the result is a common voice that works with the campus leadership to build up the University as a whole."
Kathia Ibacache, CU Boulder “When I was looking for Service opportunities, I thought it was essential to be a part of a committee that involved representation for the four CU campuses. I wanted to learn more about the other campuses and share ideas for engagement.”
Samantha Christiansen, CU Colorado Springs “To me shared governance is a commitment to working collaboratively in the best interest of everyone who is part of our university system. It means including the voices and ideas of faculty, staff, and students in decision making processes, but also recognizing that there are all sorts of layers within these stakeholder groups. It also means having mechanisms of accountability to maintain a balance of power in a fully effective manner.”
Joanne Addison, CU Denver “When it’s working well, shared governance (Policy 5.A.1) allows for people with a diverse range of knowledge and experience to help shape the university in ways that increase engagement, equity, and accountability. No matter what your interest—student success, social justice, budget priorities, academic freedom, academic policy—there’s a place for you on your campus-based Faculty Assembly or system-based Faculty Council.”