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Faculty Council Website Redesign

The Faculty Council website has been recently redesigned. After conducting user experience research interviews, many participants reported that the website needed more information and clarity on faculty governance and Faculty Council. Most participants shared that they browse the website to find current events and news which were not fully featured on the former website. Additionally, there was a need for more clarity on the overall structure of faculty governance and the distinction between Faculty Senate and Faculty Council. Many participants also expressed interest in having an archive page to search historical documents. 

Following navigation bar testing, the navigation is organized differently and has several new web pages, such as Faculty Governance Organizational Structure, Principles of Participation, About page for Faculty Senate, Faculty Council--Get Involved, and an Archive Search page. The homepage now has more visual design and points directly to web pages that experience the most web traffic. The entire site follows “minimal design” standards to spice up the pages a bit! 

Explore the new website here