University accounts are used by CU affiliates for access to ERP systems and campus level resources. Below is a list of different accounts and verbiage you may encounter while at the University. 

Types of University Accounts:

  • Campus Directory Account:
    • This is the most common University account, and are respective to your individual campus. Directory accounts control single-sign on (SSO) functionality, and link your different affiliations across the University. ​You can reference your campus IT office by following the links below for more information:
  • CU PeopleSoft ID:
    • This account is only available for PeopleSoft HCM and FIN applications. 
    • A CU PeopleSoft ID is a directory account used by IT professionals and some business office super users to log into specific PeopleSoft resources that cannot use the CU System ID or campus credentials. Example are application designer, excel to CI functionality, PeopleSoft test framework, etc.
    • A CU PeopleSoft ID is NOT required for general access to PeopleSoft applications. Normal access is federated and uses campus directory accounts.
    • Please email the UIS Identity and Access Management team for more information on how to obatin this account.
  • Cental Information Warehouse (CIW) Account:
    • A CIW account is used for accessing the Central Information Warehouse via an ODBC connection. More information regarding this account can be found by referencing the CIW access page
    • Example Account: EXAM000000CIW
    • Password Reset


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