Welcome to the University of Colorado!

Below are common items that University affiliates look for during their first week of employment at CU. 

  • Claiming your University Login Credentials
    • University credentials are controlled by each individual campus, and can be obtained by working with your respective campus OIT resource. Access to ERP systems through single-sign on (SSO) and campus level resources are controlled through these credentials.
    • Please reference the links below on how to obtain these credentials for your respective campus:
  • ERP System Access
    • Access to our ERP Systems can be referenced on the main request access page under the 'CU ERP Resources' section. Each system has separate requirements and need to be vetted by a campus access coordinator. Please reference each respective servcie for how to obtain access.
  • CU-Data Reporting
    • Many affiliates of the University need access to data and reports. Some reports are inherited through application access, while others require additional approvals from the respective campus access coordinator. Please reference the 'CU-Data' section under 'CU ERP Resources' on the main request access page for more information. 


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