Overview: The Central Information Warehouse (CIW) is CU’s system-wide centralized data repository for information sourced from administrative systems. Included are the Human Capital Management (HCM), Finance, Student Information System (CU-SIS) and more. The CU Reporting System (Cognos) is a robust tool offering standardized business intelligence reports to assist with analysis and presentation of data contained in the CIW. These are provided by Information Resource Management (IRM).

Benefits:  Some of the benefits of CIW and CU Reporting System include:

  • Centralized repository providing easy access to CU system-wide administrative data for analysis and reporting using pre-configured business intelligence reports.
  • An intuitive and accessible self-service reporting and analysis tool that is your single source for fast, easy access to all administrative data sources.
  • Centralized control and deployment, limiting the amount of maintenance you need to do on your computer.
  • Your one-stop source for Federal and State reporting. Historical records are kept, even if the data is deleted from transactional system.

Funding Model: This system is funded through the campuses.

Who is eligible to use the service: Any Faculty/Staff of University of Colorado System.

How to request access to the service: For information on how to request access to CIW and the CU Reporting System, see the Access website. (Note: Must be on a CU network to access this restricted website.)

Alias information / service history: You may hear CIW referred as Warehouse, CU Reporting System, CMS reporting. You may hear the CU Reporting System referred to as Cognos.