Office 365: Sign in to Office 365


  • Log into Office 365, so you can easily access items such as CU System Administration's SharePoint and other Microsoft Office 365 tools.


Last updated: 6/22/2021

1. Go to
2. Select the Sign In button, in the upper right corner. 
3. Enter your CU login credentials followed by For example: Jane Doe would be Do not enter your CU email to log in.

4. You will be redirected to the university's Single-Sign On page. Enter your CU User ID and Password.

5. You must now authenticate your identity. You initially have two options: Receive a phone call or be texted a passcode.

Receive a phone call

Select Call Me on the two-factor authentication panel.
Answer the call, the press any key on your phone to log in. 

You are now logged into Office 365.

Enter a Passcode

Select Enter a Passcode on the two-factor authentication panel.
Select Text me new codes. A six-digit code will sent to your phone number.
(Please ensure your phone number is a mobile number when choosing this option.)
Enter the six-digit code, and select Log In. 

You are now logged into Office 365.

Duo Push Notification

A new way to authenticate your identity is through the Duo Mobile app. This app allows you to authenticate your identity straight from your cell phone without having to enter a number or answer the phone. This is the most secure and recommended method of authenticating, but it is not a required method. 

Enroll in Duo Mobile Notifications

Select Settings on the two-factor authentication panel.
Select Add a new Device in the menu.
We need to confirm that it's really you when enrolling in Duo Push. Select an authentication method to confirm your identity. 
Identify which device you will have the Duo Mobile app on, then click Continue.
Enter your phone number, then select that you want to replace it. Then, click Continue. 
To verify that you have this phone number, select to have a passcode either texted or called to the phone number. Enter in your passcode and select Verify. Once verified, click Continue. 
Select what type of phone you have, and click Continue. 
You can now download the Duo Mobile app in your phone's app store. 

Once you have downloaded the app, select I have Duo Mobile.  

A personalized QR code will appear. Open your Duo Mobile app and scan the QR code to register your device.
Once you have scanned the QR code, a green checkmark will appear over the code. Select Continue.
You have now enrolled in Duo Push notifications! The next time you login to Office 365, Send Me a Push is an authentication option.

Send Me a Push

Select Send Me a Push on the two-factor authentication panel.
You will receive a pop-up notification on your cell phone. Select the notification.
Select the green button to accept.

You are now logged in to Office 365.