Requesting access to enterprise applications step-by-step

CU has a large array of secure applications with a range of requirements for requesting access. The number of applications and forms can make the process seem daunting. When you ask for help about where to go to get access, you may get routed to UIS’s Identity and Access Management Team’s (IAM) website at, which includes the relevant information. But who is this team really and what if you’re not even sure what to ask for?

The UIS IAM team

UIS’s IAM team is responsible for providing access to all of CU’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications except Salesforce and These include Human Capital Management (HCM), Finance (FIN), CU Student Integrated Systems (CU-SIS) and other universitywide systems, in addition to various business applications used by System Administration staff. They are also responsible for a broad range of identity provisioning and access services for systems, including owning the access request process, federated authentication, multi-factor authentication and Single-Sign-On (SSO) capabilities (see IAM’s Web page for more information).

But I need help from someone who knows my campus

When you are ready to ask for access for what you need to support your campus, your manager and Campus Security Coordinator are your best first steps.

First stop: Ask your manager for help. Your manager is the one who best knows what you do and will be best able to help you determine which applications to request access for. Your manager needs to sign off on your access, so the process should always start here.

Your Campus Security Coordinator: Did you know that each campus and System Administration have dedicated experts in security access requests who can answer all of your questions and help you and your manager not only determine the right application to request, but also to navigate the request process? All of the Campus Security Coordinators can be found on the IAM site

Once you know what application(s) to ask for and the right process to follow, you are ready to request access from IAM starting with the Request Access page. Your Campus Security Coordinator can also answer any questions you may have about the online request process or PDF forms (HCM and FIN are online, most others are PDF-based)!

Your knowledgeable Campus Security Coordinators are standing by to answer any questions you may have to get you the access you need! We hope you have found this to be a helpful guide to step you through the access request process.     

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