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Education Data Architecture project Phase 2 complete

After completing the first phase of the Education Data Architecture (EDA) implementation project was completed earlier this year, UIS now has completed Phase 2.

UIS is implementing the EDA as a foundational structure to support the weight of student data maintained by the university and give structure to the complex relationships between each student record, the campus(es) they’re affiliated with and the courses related to them.

Phase 1 established the core organizational hierarchies – the campuses, schools, departments and programs. Phase 2 created a model system for establishing the connections between a student’s data record and those organizational components.

Ultimately, this structural work will empower Salesforce users to automate and deliver relevant communications to CU’s tens of thousands of students based on their personal needs. EDA will deliver significant time and effort savings to Salesforce end-users. Because it’s the Salesforce standard, it will also lower the cost of building future software integrations.

In the project’s third phase, UIS plans to include more individual course data to the superstructure and establish the models for connecting students with their relevant course data.

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