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Clearing Your Voice Mail Box

Many CU System employees are receiving an alert that their voicemail inbox is full and cannot accept new messages. Common misconception is thinking that deleting an email message from your voicemail box will create space. Deleting the email message does not delete the actual voice message. So voicemail inboxes can fill up quickly, causing you to miss out on potentially important messages.

To clear your voicemail inbox, follow these steps:

  1. Call your own number.
  2. When the recorded bot begins to talk, press the * on your phone.
  3. When it prompts you for an account number, enter your extension or the last four digits of your work phone number.
  4. It will then ask for your PIN. Enter your PIN. Note: If you do not know your PIN, you can reset it by emailing the Service Desk with “Forgotten PIN” in the subject line.
  5. From there, go through the prompts on deleting any voicemails that you do not wish to keep.


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