The eRA application undergoes multiple updates and enhancements throughout the year that introduce things you need to know along with new features and functionality. Find the answers to your questions on eRA FAQs.

Logging in

Q: I don’t see the username and password fields on the eRA login screen. Where did they go?

A: The username and password fields will be presented once you have selected your campus.


Q: I selected my campus from the drop-down list and was automatically logged into the eRA system. Why didn’t I have to enter my username and password?

A: The new login page uses Single Sign-On (SSO). If you have already logged into another campus resource (i.e., the campus portal), this will allow you to automatically login to the eRA system.


Q: Do I need a new username and password to access the eRA system?

A: No. You should continue to use the same campus credentials when logging into the eRA system.


Q: I accidentally selected the wrong campus from the drop-down list, how do I get back to the eRA login screen?

A: You may click the “Back” button in your Web browser to return to the eRA login screen and select a different campus.