CU-SIS SFTP Server is used by customers for Secure File Transfer Program (SFTP) access to CU-SIS Campus Solutions (ICS). The primary use case is to upload or download files for processes where a filepath is specified in a run control. This resource is limited to employees and vendors with a business need to securely transfer files with CU-SIS Campus Solutions processes. This resource is managed by University Information Services (UIS) located at the System Administration campus.

CU-SIS SFTP Server access will require approvals from the CU-SIS application managers, and is dependent on a CU System ID for access.

Who is this for?

University Staff members or vendors with a need to upload or download files to the University via SFTP.

Who do I ask for help?

For questions regarding SFTP access, please reach out to the CU-SIS team at the System Administration campus.

How do I request access?

To request access, please fill out the SFTP Access Request Form.


Useful Links:

UIS Service Catalog: Secure File Transfer Program (SFTP)


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