Accessing CU-Data


How to log in

Users can log in directly to the CU employee portal or through the CU-Data URL. 

Log in via the employee portal

Step 1: Connect to a campus network.

Users must connect to a campus network prior to accessing CU-Data. That means physically being at a CU campus and plugged into the network with a cable, or connected to the password-protected wireless network (NOT the Guest network).
If off-campus, users must connect to the university VPN. The process to connect to the VPN is slightly different for each campus.

VPNs provide a secure connection to your campus network from any location, as long as your device has an internet connection. CU Denver and CU Anschutz also offer a virtual desktop option.

CU affiliates should log in to the CU Denver VPN and connect as normal to access CU content.


Step 2: Log in through the Portal by typing into a browser, selecting your campus, and logging in using your VPN and AD credentials.


Step 3: In the center drop-down menu, select Reporting and Compliance.

Step 4: Click the CU-Data portal tile.


Log in via CU-Data URL

To log in from your browser directly, go to, select your campus and log in using your campus credentials