The CU Reporting System (CU-Data) is a robust tool offering standardized business intelligence reports to assist with analysis and presentation of data contained in the Central Information Warehouse

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Common users

The typical audience requesting access to CU-Data includes university staff, faculty members, and administrative personnel who require analytical, reporting, and data visualization capabilities to support their job functions. This audience often needs access to comprehensive datasets within the Student Information System (CU-SIS), Human Capital Management (HCM), and Finance (FIN) domains to perform tasks related to student administration, human resources, and financial management. 

To obtain the necessary privileges in CU data, the process varies slightly depending on the specific system access required:

It's important to note that access to "FIN_COGNOS" is automatically provisioned for users who already possess functional FIN access or are assigned a fiscal role. This means that individuals authorized to access the Finance (FIN) system will automatically receive the capabilities to utilize CU-Data for financial reporting and analysis, streamlining the process and ensuring seamless data access integration across university systems.