Document Name Type
Retirement Plan Fee & Structure Guide Document
Reviewing a Training Summary Procedure
Reviewing, Updating and Approving Time
Right Start 4 Kids Information Document
Risk Management Organizational Chart
Roadmap to the FMLA Training Questions and Answers Form
Running a Training Completion Report using CU-Data (Cognos) Procedure
Running Queries
Sample Interview Questions Document
Scheduling Queries
School Code Table Form
Scope of Work (SOW) Submission Guide
Search Committee Experience
Section 111 of the Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP Extension Act of 2007 Policy
Section 127 Plan Policy
See your benefits and plans Form
Senate, Faculty April 1970 Meeting Minutes Document
Senate, Faculty April 2014 Meeting Minutes Document
Senate, Faculty October 2013 Agenda Document
Senate, Faculty October 2013 Agenda Document
Senate, Faculty October 2014 Agenda Document
Serious Injury or Illness for Current Service Member Family Leave Form Form
Serious Injury or Illness of a Veteran Caregiver Family Leave Form Form
Skillsoft Administrator's Reporting Guide Procedure
Skillsoft ILT Administrator’s Guide Procedure
Skillsoft Learner’s Guide Procedure
Social Security Card Application Form
Social Security Numbers Procedural Statement  Policy
Southwest Airlines Transfer Credit Affidavit
Spring 2019 Semester Start By the Numbers
Spring start 2019 calendar of events
SpringHill Suites Denver at Anschutz
SpringHill Suites Denver Downtown
SSC Newsletter Archive
St. Julien Hotel & Spa
Standard Hours, FTE and Percent of Time
State of Colorado Personnel Board Rules and Personnel Director's Administrative Procedures Document
State of Texas UCB
State of Texas UCD
State W-4 Forms Form
Steering Committee Agenda 040620 Document
Steering Committee Agenda 073020 Document
Steering Committee Agenda 081919 Document
Steering Committee Agenda 092820 Document
Steering Committee Agenda 111720 Document
Steering Committee Agenda 11921 Document
Steering Committee Agenda 121619 Document
Steering Committee Agenda 4-26-2021
Strategic and Annual Planning FY19 Quarterly Summary
Student Employment Policy Document
Student Film, Photo & Video Projects Risk Assessment Document
Student Retirement Fact Sheet Document
Student Retirement Medicare Tax Refund Form
Substantial Presence Test Worksheet Form
Substantial Presence Test Worksheet (Non-Employee) Form
Summary Annual Report for University of Colorado Health and Welfare Trust Document
System Administration Automatic Planning and Evaluation Form (no more than 9 goals) Form
System Administration Manual Planning and Evaluation Form (more than 9 goals) Form
System Administration Search Committee Guidelines Document
System Administration Student Employment Policy Policy
Tableau Meeting Notes April 5, 2021
Tableau Meeting Notes March 1, 2021
Tableau Meeting Notes May 24, 2021
Technical Assistance: Time Off Document
Terminating an Employee
The Antlers Hotel Colorado Springs
The Jacquard Flyer
The Mining Exchange
The PEO Process
The Ritz-Carlton Denver
Third party vendor approval process
TIAA Self-Directed Brokerage Option Guide Document
Training Summary
Transaction Pages and Action Reasons
Transaction Status, Drafts, and Pushbacks
Transfer Action and Reason Codes
Transferring an Employee
Travel Assistance - English Document
Travel Assistance - Spanish Document
UCCS Dependent Tuition Benefit FAQ Document
UIS Data & BI Release Notes Document
UIS NSF Committees
UIS Org Chart Document
UIS Service Catalog
UIS Workstation Standardization - Aug. 2019
Unclaimed Property
Unclaimed Property
Unclaimed Property
Union Code Field in Position Data
University of Colorado 401(a) – Mandatory Plan Guide Document
University Risk Management Injury Report Form Form
University Staff Certification for Injured Service Members Form
University Staff Certification for Qualified Exigency for Military Leave Form
University Staff Designation Notice Form
University Staff Goal Setting Form Form
University Staff Medical Certification for Employee's Serious Health Condition Form
University Staff Medical Certification for Family Member's Serious Health Condition Form
University Staff Notice of Eligibility and Rights and Responsibilities Form
University Staff Plan and Evaluation Form Form