In September 2021, the Office of University Controller (OUC) and Procurement Service Center (PSC) reorganized how they deliver help desk and training functions. As part of this restructuring, the OUC's longtime Finance & Procurement Help Desk (FinProHelp) transitioned into two new units:

  • The OUC's Financial Services & Solutions (FSS) team continues to provide the finance-related assistance previously available from FinProHelp -- including instruction on using the Finance System and running m-Fin reports in CU-Data, as well as guidance on a number of formerly "PSC" procedures, such as Sensitive Expenses, Official Functions, and Recognition & Training, and their related forms.
  • The PSC Service Desk now provides much of the procurement-related assistance previously delivered by FinProHelp -- including the use of the CU Marketplace eprocurement system and the Concur Travel & Expense System, and guidance on Travel procedures.

For additional details on where to go to get answers to your questions, see below.


Call: 303.837.2161


Contact Financial Services & Solutions about:

  • CU-Data/m-Fin reports
  • Finance System (FIN)
  • Journal Entries/JE Spreadsheets
  • Fiscal Compliance
  • Propriety of Expenses/Sensitive Expenses
  • Official Functions
  • Recognition & Training
  • Gift Cards
  • Fundraising Events
  • Cash Receipt, Official Function/Other OUC Forms
  • OUC's Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program

Contact PSC Service Desk about:

  • Payment Status/Invoice Inquiries
  • Booking Travel
  • Reimbursements/Refunds
  • Procurement/Travel Cards
  • Concur 
  • CU Marketplace
  • Purchase Orders
  • PA, NRI, SSP/Other PSC Forms
  • Supplier Questions
  • 1099 Questions

Contact the offices listed for assistance with the designated topics:


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