Briefs for summer 2020
After a long and unprecedented state legislative session, Monday, June 15 marked Sine Die for 2020.
Our state team worked with healthcare faculty to request flexibility in state rules for education and licensure requirements to ensure CU students could graduate and practice.
Briefs for the Winter 2020 newsletter
A summary of events at CU campuses that were attended by state legislators and representative of state departments.
The CU Advocates Program within the Office of Government Relations hosted its first event of the year, featuring a legislative panel of policy makers hosted by CU President Mark Kennedy.
A summary of events at the State Capitol where representatives from the University of Colorado testified and presented.
A look ahead at the 2020 State Legislative Session.
All bills signed by Governor Jared Polis from the 2019 state session are now in effect.
The 2019 Colorado Capital Conference was another great success.