Several legislators were able to attend University of Colorado football games during the 2021 season.
The 2022 State Legislative Session for CU will be largely lobbying to protect the University from negative legislative initiatives being proposed during this election year session, including the collective bargaining bill initiated by the labor unions, unfunded mandates, new legislative requirements with no additional general fund provided, and recommendations from interim committees that will be responsible for spending the federal stimulus dollars.
Briefs February 2022
The 2021 State Legislative Session, which was an unconventional legislative cycle due to COVID-19, adjourned sine die on Tuesday, June 8, 2021.
Briefs June 2021
After 22 years, Tanya Kelly-Bowry has retired from her position as Vice President of Government Relations. OGR is now under the leadership of Todd Saliman, Senior Vice President for Strategy, Government Relations & Chief Financial Officer.
An overview of the 2020 University of Colorado Regent and state election results as well as statewide ballot measures.
The 2021 State Legislative Session will convene on Wednesday, January 13th.
Highlights from the Governor's FY2021-22 budget request.
Briefs for the December 2020 newsletter.