Several legislators were able to attend University of Colorado football games during the 2021 season.
An overview of the 2020 University of Colorado Regent and state election results as well as statewide ballot measures.
The 2021 State Legislative Session will convene on Wednesday, January 13th.
Highlights from the Governor's FY2021-22 budget request.
The State Legislature convened for a three-day "Extraordinary Session" to address the COVID-19 pandemic.
Our state team worked with healthcare faculty to request flexibility in state rules for education and licensure requirements to ensure CU students could graduate and practice.
A summary of events at CU campuses that were attended by state legislators and representative of state departments.
A summary of events at the State Capitol where representatives from the University of Colorado testified and presented.
A look ahead at the 2020 State Legislative Session.
All bills signed by Governor Jared Polis from the 2019 state session are now in effect.