The 2022 State Legislative Session for CU will be largely lobbying to protect the University from negative legislative initiatives being proposed during this election year session, including the collective bargaining bill initiated by the labor unions, unfunded mandates, new legislative requirements with no additional general fund provided, and recommendations from interim committees that will be responsible for spending the federal stimulus dollars.
CU advocated to double the Pell Grant maximum award several times in 2021 with the House and Senate.
CU Denver Chancellor Michelle Marks and CU Athletic Director Rick George each traveled to Capitol Hill to meet with members of the Colorado congressional delegation.
Colorado Rep. Joe Neguse visited CU Boulder to tour the laboratories and learn more about the groundbreaking research taking place at JILA, CU Boulder’s joint research institute with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
Five University of Colorado faculty members provided expert testimony before House and Senate committees as experts in their respective fields.
Brett Roude joined CU as the Assistant Vice President of Federal Relations and Health Policy in late January.
Several legislators were able to attend University of Colorado football games during the 2021 season.
The University of Colorado supported the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program several times in 2021.
CU advocated for federal coordination, a national wildfire strategy, and science policy bills focused on wildfire risk and damage reduction throughout 2021.
Briefs February 2022