February 24, 2022

As CU System units (Office of University Controller and Procurement Service Center) reorganize how they deliver help desk and training services, we're impressed with the campus departments' dedication to staying current in all things finance/procurement. You're doing a great job in following the News and applying it to figure out where to go for assistance! We're happy to hear that many of you find the Guide to Transition website particularly helpful in determining where to direct questions. 

We want to highlight some areas where multiple questions suggest we should clarify where to go for guidance:

  • Reach out directly to the PSC Service Desk (PSC@cu.edu) for information on 1099s and supplier registration.
  • Contact the OUC's Financial Services & Solutions unit (FSS@cu.edu) for assistance with Journal Entry Spreadsheets and access to the Finance System or to the m-Fin reports in CU-Data.

And please continue to use the questions/feedback form at the bottom of the Guide to Transitions page to let us know how we can improve it.