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Shared Governance Spotlight - CU Boulder

Kathia Ibacache
Assistant Professor & Romance Languages Librarian, University Libraries, CU Boulder
Secretary, Faculty Council Communications Committee

What does shared governance mean to you? 

Shared governance is an institutional, structural, and leadership model where the members of a given institution are a part of the decision-making process by providing educated input based on criteria defined by leadership. 

What were your motivations for joining the Council committee and engaging in this type of service?

When I was looking for Service opportunities, I thought it was essential to be a part of a committee that involved representation for the four CU campuses. I wanted to learn more about the other campuses and share ideas for engagement. I also wanted to collaborate and provide inputs and ideas for solutions to faculty issues in the four campuses. Last, I was motivated to join the Communications Committee and promote shared governance and initiatives that would be beneficial to faculty.

What makes this work rewarding? Can you share some of your committee’s current initiatives or achievements that you are or were particularly proud to contribute to? 

One of the most rewarding initiatives I worked on involved developing a survey that collected faculty’s needs across the four CU campuses. This survey fed a Faculty Guide we created and launched in the form of a website. In this electronic resource, faculty can find answers to a variety of topics. I also appreciated working with Dr. Brenda J. Allen on drawing up Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) statements and guidelines for interactions for the Faculty Council.