PSC Procedural Statement: Undocumented Reimbursement

Effective Date: January 1, 2014


This PSC Procedural Statement sets forth university requirements for processing reimbursement requests when the original itemized receipt, or the proof of payment for a cash purchase, is not available.

Terms Used in This Procedural Statement

Italicized terms are defined in the Policy Glossary. Underlined terms are defined in the Finance and Procurement Procedure Glossary.

Procedural Statement

Individuals can request reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenditures, where personal funds have been used to make a purchase, as follows:

  • Employees submit reimbursement expense reports in the Concur Travel & Expense System.
  • Non-employees submit the Non-Employee Reimbursement (NR) form to the Procurement Service Center.
  • If the total purchase is over $75, an itemized receipt (and proof of payment) will be required for reimbursement.
  • If the total purchase is $75 or less, the receipt (and proof of payment) will not be required in order to process the reimbursement, unless the purchase was an official function meal, in which case receipt and proof of payment are required in any dollar amount.
  • If the missing receipt is over $100, then the appropriate campus approver (typically, this is the campus controller) must also approve the reimbursement. (The Concur Travel & Expense System will automatically add the designated campus approver to the approval routing flow.)

When required receipts and/or required proofs of payment are not available:

If an itemized receipt is not available, the requestor must explain the situation (e.g., lost receipt and vendor could not produce a duplicate). This explanation is provided in the Comment field on the appropriate line of the employee expense report, or in the general Comments field on the Non-Employee Reimbursement (NR) form.

  • For cash purchases, this explanation replaces both the itemized receipt and the vendor’s proof of payment.
  • For other purchases, this explanation replaces only the itemized receipt. The requestor must still provide proof of payment (e.g., credit card receipt or statement, copy of check).

If an itemized receipt is available but that receipt does not show proof of payment and the purchase was made in cash, the requestor must likewise explain how the purchase was made, using the Comment fields noted above.

Repeated failure to provide required receipts may result in denial of future reimbursement requests–either for the individual requestor or for the approving authority’s functional area of responsibility.


Unless approved by the Associate Vice President/Chief Procurement Officer, there are no exceptions to this procedural statement.

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