Supervisors Can Certify Effort for Their Terminated/Active Employees

If you are listed as having one or more “reports to” in the Human Capital Management (HCM) system, you can view the ePER of an employee who reports to you. You can also certify the ePER for that employee, whether they are currently active or terminated.

How to Access Your Employee's ePER

To begin the process, log in to your campus portal. Click on the CU Resources Home drop-down menu and select Business Tools, then click on the ePERS Supervisor tile.

How to Certify Your Employee's ePER

On the ePERS Supervisor page, you will see three search options:

  • Current: ePERs for supervised employees that need to be certified. Active and terminated employees will show in the same list. Click on a form to open the individual ePER.
  • Recertification Required: ePERs for supervised employees that need to be recertified. Recertification may occur due to changes in payroll/effort.
  • History: Allows you to view ePERs that have previously been certified by employees who report to you. You can only view this information for the semesters for which you were listed as their supervisor in HCM.