The Department of Orthopedics implemented a web-based provider scheduling software called Qgenda ( that consolidates all provider academic and clinical schedules (vacation, conference, call, clinic and OR schedules) into an online tool that can be viewed by anyone with a login and password.  The main benefit of this software is that schedules are no longer housed in multiple word and excel documents.  Qgenda is the sole source for making changes to schedules and can be viewed by stakeholders across the system – UPI, clinic, OR, nursing, ATC, providers, administrators, etc.  This software has reduced Administrative time spent tracking and creating schedules.  Other business process improvements from the software include:

•  Automatic calculation of call pay and tracking of provider leave time. 
•  Qgenda allows for rule based smart scheduling so that call schedules can be auto-generated from a set of rules and requirements. 
•  The program has an App so that schedules can be viewed from a mobile device in real time
•  The web based schedules reduce back and forth email communication because all schedules are transparent and accessible. 
•  Qgenda is currently set-up for a two-way feed from and to EPIC’s OpTime module although this interface is not live yet (in process). 
•  Qgenda exports call schedules directly to Amion (call paging system) eliminating the need for manual entry into Amion.
•  Qgenda syncs with Outlook so that Administrative Assistants do not need to enter schedules in duplicate systems.   
•  Qgenda also has the ability to export resident call shifts and schedules to MedHub.  

How does this impact the University?

Through collaboration with OB-GYN and Anesthesiology Administrators, we have presented this idea to School of Medicine Administration and are in the process of obtaining a site license for this software so that other School of Medicine Departments can adopt this program as well.  We have also met with University and UC Health IT Leaders to start the process of syncing this software with EPIC as many scheduling efficiencies can be gained by this interface. 

This program has streamlined many administrative processes in the Department of Orthopedics and has the potential to help other Departments once adopted widely.

Implementation Status

The Department of Orthopedics went live with Qgenda August 1st 2015.  We are now in the process of interfacing with EPIC and negotiating a site license at a discounted rate with SOM Leadership and other Department DFAs.

Submitter's Information

Submitter's Name: Lauren Brummett
Submitter's Email:
Additional Team Members: Marcy Gilbert

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