Submitted By

Chandra Beard,, Clinical Business Services Professional, Senior 

Project Team

Chandra Beard,, Clinical Business Services Professional, Senior 
Jacky Bonds,, Business Services Professional 
Zachary Eliason,, Finance Specialist 

Project Description

Our project originated from the necessity to define guidelines and procedures for creating the on-call schedule for Vascular Surgery providers and managing time-off requests. Its purpose was to build a compelling business and operational case justifying the project's need. We effectively showcased the operational and financial consequences of not having established guidelines for these processes. Subsequently, we implemented guidelines for requesting time off and established clear expectations for the publication of the on-call schedule.

Project Efficiency 

Our key innovation involves a provider dashboard, enhancing transparency in Vascular Surgeons' quarterly call commitments. The Division Chief gains a comprehensive overview of individual call distribution and equal sharing. Each surgeon possesses a personal dashboard displaying time off, CME balance, and an interactive progress chart gauging fulfillment of yearly call responsibilities. Crucially, it ensures transparency at the individual level, comparing quarterly call commitments to the divisional average. This streamlined system empowers effective management and accountability while providing a clear snapshot of each surgeon's workload and contributions.

Project Inspiration 

The impetus for this project stemmed from a collective sense of burnout experienced by providers and administration, including the scheduling team. Concerns arose from perceived unfairness in on-call scheduling, creating tension. Recognizing the impact on patient care with last-minute cancellations, we embarked on this initiative to foster a more collaborative and efficient approach. By addressing scheduling concerns, we aimed to enhance teamwork, alleviate burnout, and ultimately improve the overall experience for both providers and patients.

What Makes You Happiest about this Project?

Our division's greatest triumph is the positive cultural shift we've achieved! By setting clear guidelines, we've encouraged provider-to-provider communication, easing stress on our administrative team. This shift not only promotes camaraderie among providers but also empowers them. They love the transparent guidelines and call schedule, feeling a boost in autonomy over their work-life balance. It's a win-win that fills our division collaboration!

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