The Gift Fund Management online course outlines the University's gift processes, the responsibilities of individuals who use/manage gift funds, the importance of complying with donor restrictions, and, the relationship between University of Colorado Foundation Funds and University Gift Fund (Fund 34) SpeedTypes.

Who should take this course?

This course is required for Fiscal Principals (chairs, directors, and principal investigators entrusted with overall fiscal responsibility of an organizational unit), Fiscal Managers (employees in an organizational unit with authority and responsibility for its financial transactions), Fiscal Staff (employees - other than principals, managers, and officers - involved in financial transactions), and individuals who approve transactions funded by a Fund 34 SpeedType (such as journal entries in the PeopleSoft Finance System, expenses in Concur, and purchases and payments in CU Marketplace). This course is also recommended for anyone who works with gift funds on a regular basis.

Individuals responsible for managing gift funds received from blended organizations (e.g., CU Medicine -- formerly known as UPI) as part of a contract are not required to take this training.

How do you take this course?

The course is delivered online in Skillsoft. Log in to your campus portal and on the CU Resources Home tab, click the Skillsoft tile. Search under the CU System-Finance list of courses. 

Launch the Gift Fund Management course. 

Additional resources related to this course

The following information (available on the Office of University Controller website) is supplemental to the Gift Fund Management online course.