Who is authorized to access m-Fin Reports in CU-Data?

Although all University employees whose names and email addresses appear in CU’s active directory can access and log in to CU-Data, only employees with a Finance Fiscal role on a SpeedType, or employees with access to the PeopleSoft Finance System, will be able to access the Finance folder, which houses the m-Fin Reports.

Fiscal Roles

Finance Fiscal Roles include Fiscal Officers, Fiscal Principals, Fiscal Managers, and Fiscal Staff, as follows:
• Fiscal Officers: President, Chancellors, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Associate/Assistant Vice Presidents, Vice Chancellors, Associate Vice Chancellors, & Deans.
• Fiscal Principals: Chairs & Directors (or equivalent), & Principal Investigators.
• Fiscal Managers: Departmental Administrators (or equivalent).
• Fiscal Staff: Employees (Managerial and Non-managerial).
To be added to a SpeedType complete the Chartfield Request Form

PeopleSoft Finance System Access

To gain inquiry access to the PeopleSoft Finance System, you will need to take the CU: Financials-Inquiry and the CU: Fiscal Code of Ethics online Skillport courses. To gain additional access, such as creating and approving journal entries, you will also need to take the CU: Financials – General Ledger online Skillport course, and the Financial – General Ledger classroom training. You will also need to complete and submit the Financial System Access Request form.

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