Attachments provide supporting documentation both to your Approver now...and to an Auditor down the road.

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One of the great features in the Finance System is the ability to add online Attachments to Journal Entries. Your attachments can be PDFs, word documents, excel files, or other file types.

What makes a good attachment?

  • Any document that prompted the JE … was used as a basis to create the JE … or provided the dollar amounts for the JE.
  • Source documentation is best. That’s the original, detailed documentation, like a supplier’s invoice.

Good things to attach to your JE might be any or all of the following:

And remember a few more things:

Helpful Tip!

Is there something you forgot to attach? You can add supporting documentation at any time, even after the journal has posted. (Just be sure your Approvers have all the information they need when they review.)

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