Policy Briefs


The annual Diversity Report provides information on enrollment, retention, and graduation of students of color.  The report also includes data on enrollment of Pell recipients and of students from various Colorado regions, as well as information on faculty and staff diversity.

New Degree Program Progress Reports

The New Degree Progress report provides projected and actual enrollment and degree counts for degree programs that have been implemented in the previous five years.

Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

The Non-tenure Track Faculty report includes information on campus policies and procedures related to non-tenure track faculty titles, contracts, and workloads; evaluation and promotion; compensation; and professional development, recognition, and grievance. 

Pre-Collegiate Development Program (PCDP)

The annual Pre-Collegiate Development Program report provides information on the students enrolled in the pre-collegiate programs operated at each campus, including demographic characteristics, middle or high school attended, and plans for postsecondary education.