The University of Colorado System has more than 9,000 faculty members across four campuses, each making significant contributions to the teaching, research and outreach mission of the university.

Faculty Affairs


Distinguished Professors
The University of Colorado extends the title of “distinguished professor” to recognize the outstanding contributions of CU faculty members to their academic disciplines. Candidates nominated for a distinguished professorship must demonstrate accomplishments in accordance with university-wide criteria. As of summer 2016, 83 University of Colorado professors hold the title of distinguished professor.

President's Teaching Scholars
The President's Teaching Scholars Program, established in 1989 as a presidential initiative, honors faculty who have excelled in effective and exemplary teaching, creative work, scholarship and research. 

Faculty Handbook
The University of Colorado Faculty Handbook has been prepared for the convenience and information of the faculty members of the University of Colorado four-campus system. This handbook brings together those university laws, policies, procedures and other information items that apply, or might be of interest, to faculty members.

Faculty Council
The Faculty Council is the executive body of the Faculty Senate, and as such, initiates advice and recommendations to the president or other appropriate administrative officials for submission to the Board of Regents on matters within jurisdiction of the Council which are related to educational policy, internal operations, and external operation of the university.

Privilege & Tenure Committee
The mission of the P&T is to provide faculty senate members a hearing for grievances involving perceived violations of rights and privileges. That is, P&T is the due-process vehicle for faculty senate members. Faculty Senate members include all members of the general faculty of the University of Colorado with the following titles whose appointments are fifty-percent or more. Any faculty who is a member has the right to file a grievance.

CU Retired Faculty Association
CURFA shall act to promote the welfare and interest of all individuals eligible for membership, on all campuses of the University. It shall work with the system and campus administrations to promote the individual and collective interests of its members, to promote continued service of its members to the university, community, the state and nation, and to cooperate with other organizations with like purposes. It shall promote the establishment and strengthening of autonomous retiree groups on all campuses.