February 18, 2014

CUSP Ideas Make CU a Better Place

What have you done to make your office work better?

At UCCS, Cynthia Norton and Ron Honn not only made things better, they made things safer. They developed their Laboratory Registration Program as a process for collecting critical information about campus lab-type environments. The program covers traditional research and teaching labs in biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering … photo labs … art studios … shops … theatre space … and more. Among many benefits, it has helped identify staff training needs and created a database for emergency responders.

Cynthia and Ron submitted their best practices idea to the CU Shared Practices (CUSP) Program last year – so that others could think about different ways to mitigate chemical or physical hazards on campus.

This year could be your turn to share: Tell us about your great ideas put in practice. The CUSP Program is accepting submissions for 2014 through April 30 at https://content.cu.edu/controller/initiatives/cusp/.