You can look up Study Subject Payment (SSP) forms in CU-Data. They’ll appear on your m-Fin Financial Detail and m-Fin Financial Detail II reports under your commonly used Study Subject Payments accounts.

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You can look up Study Subject Payments by running the m-Fin Financial Detail II report for commonly used Study Subject Payments account codes.

  1. In CU-Data, click the Team content folder and select Finance. ​A list of reports will appear in alphabetical order - select m-Fin Financial Detail II.
  2. Enter your search criteria on the first search page:
    • This report defaults to run for the entire fiscal year. Use the Fiscal Year and Accounting Period dropdowns to select a different time period.
    • If you are only looking at one SpeedType, enter it in the Single SpeedType box.
    • To search for a SpeedType, enter the SpeedType and click Search. Select the SpeedType from the Results list, and click Insert.
    • To run by Org, Program or Project use the fields on the right of the page. 
  3. Click Next.
  4. Click the Account custom range tab. On this prompt page, you’ll narrow the report to show only the types of payments you’re looking for… the most common accounts are 495102 – the Study Subjects account code – and 702000 - the In-State Non-employee Travel account code.  Enter each account both the From and To fields. Click Insert.
  5. If you are running the report for a single SpeedType: Click Finish.
    If you are running the report for more than one SpeedType: Click Next.
    On the final prompt page, use the Page By field to determine how information will be grouped on your report. By default, the report groups all SpeedTypes onto the same report. To separate by Org or by SpeedType, select the appropriate option using the drop down menu. Then click Finish.
  6. Your m-Fin Financial Detail II report displays, showing only the SSPs processed for the SpeedType, accounts, and time period you specified.

Wondering if you can make reconciling this account easier?

When completing the Study Subject Payment form, use the Description field to enter something meaningful.  Just remember, you shouldn’t enter the individual’s name or any personal identifying information if the study is confidential!

For example, you can enter:

  • the study subject’s initials + a visit number + the date of the visit
  • or, you can enter the Study Subject ID.

This information will show on the Journal Line Description field of the Financial Detail II report, allowing you to compare the report to your records and follow up on any issues.

Don’t see your Study Subject Payment on the m-Fin Financial Detail II report?
Perhaps it was just entered in the Finance System and hasn’t yet fed to the Reporting System.
In this case, you can always ask the Finance & Procurement Help Desk to look up the payment for you. For privacy reasons, you can’t look up Study Subject Payments in the Finance System yourself.

Not sure where the payment was sent?
Checks are sent to the address indicated on the SSP form. If you’re concerned the SSP was not delivered, contact FinProHelp to confirm the mailing address and whether the check has been cashed.

You may need to process a Warrant Adjustment if:
- The payee never received the check.
- The check was mailed to the wrong address.
- The payee’s name was incorrect on the check.
- ​The check was for the incorrect amount.
- There was a duplicate payment.
- ​The check is stale dated.

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