Looking Up Study Subject Payments

You can look up Study Subject Payment (SSP) forms in the Cognos Reporting System.

To access the Reporting System: Log into your campus portal and, on the CU Resources tab, use the top navigation bar to go to Reporting & Compliance > Public Folders.

Watch the How-to Video

Read the Procedure

  1. In the Public Folders area of the Reporting System, navigate to Finance > m-Fin Financial Detail.
  2. Enter your search criteria on the first search page:
    • This report defaults to run for the entire fiscal year. Use the Fiscal Year and Accounting Period dropdowns to select a different time period.
    • To search by SpeedType, enter the SpeedType, click Search, select the SpeedType from the Results list, and click Insert.
  3. Click the Next button.
  4. In the Account Code section, enter 495102 – the Study Subjects account code – in both the From and To fields. Click the Insert button.
  5. Then, click the Finish button.
  6. Your m-Fin Financial Detail report displays, showing only the SSPs processed for the SpeedType and time period you specified.

Don’t see your SSP on the m-Fin Financial Detail report?

Perhaps it was just entered in the Finance System and hasn’t yet fed to the Reporting System. In this case, you can always ask the Finance & Procurement Help Desk to look up the payment for you. (For privacy reasons, you can’t look up SSP payments in the Finance System yourself.)