You can look up the status of Non-Employee Reimbursement (NR) forms and Payment Authorization (PA) forms in the Finance System.

How-to Video

Read the procedures

  1. Log in to your campus portal and on the CU Resources Home tab, click the Finance tile.
  2. Use the Main Menu dropdown to navigate to Accounts Payable → VouchersAdd/UpdateRegular Entry.
    Note:  Vouchers are forms or supplier invoices that have been entered for payment.
  3. Enter your search criteria – such as invoice number or supplier name – on the Voucher search page.
    • To search by Invoice Number, change the dropdown from begins with  to contains. This is because the PSC adds an ‘NR’ prefix to every Non-employee Reimbursement invoice number, and a ‘PA’ or ‘P’ prefix to every Payment Authorization invoice number.
    • To search by payee, enter the person’s last name as the Supplier Name. You can add a comma and first name/initial – without spaces – to narrow down the results (for example: chen,b).
  4. Click the Search button.
  5. Select the voucher from the resulting list. (If your search criteria produced only one result, you’ll already be in the voucher.)
  6. Click the Payments tab.
  7. Under the Payment Information section you will find the Payee’s remit address and payment amount.
  8. Under the Payment Options section you will find how the payment was delivered. 
    • ​​Regular handling – payment was mailed to the payee’s remittance address (see #7, above). 
    • Campus Mail – payment was sent to the department for delivery. In this case, the department’s campus box appears as the message.
  9. Under the Schedule Payment section you will find the Check (reference) number and payment date.