Do you have a question about a SpeedType? In FIN 9.2, you can look up the answers to your questions ... like the fiscal staff, or the gift description, for a specific SpeedType ... or what SpeedTypes are available for your Org or Project. 

How-to Video


  1. Navigate to Main Menu > Set Up Financials/Supply Chain > Common Definitions > Design ChartFields > Define Values  > CU SpeedTypes (You might want to set this as a Favorite!)
  2. On the Find an Existing Value tab, enter your search criteria. For example, you may want to look up the SpeedTypes associated with your Org … or with a certain Project … Or you may want to search for SpeedTypes at your campus … whose Description contains a certain word …
    Note: Effective Status defaults to blank. You can use the dropdown to select only Active SpeedTypes.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Select the appropriate SpeedType from the list of results. If your search produced only one result, you’ll already be on the CU SpeedType lookup screens.
  5. On the ChartFields tab, you’ll see status, FOPPS (Fund, Org, Program, Project, Subclass), and Activity.
  6. On the Org/Program/Project Attributes and Fiscal Staff tabs, you’ll find out who holds fiscal roles related to this SpeedType.
  7. For Fund 34 SpeedTypes, the Gift Attributes tab displays gift purpose code, description, and available balance.

An important thing to remember in FIN 9.2:

When looking up SpeedTypes, always navigate to “CU SpeedTypes.” If you look up ChartField values and see a navigation to simply “SpeedTypes” – don’t use it. You won’t find any of our CU SpeedTypes there!