CSO website with integration of Google Maps, Google Calendar, and Google Forms

How does this impact the University?

Better organization of Community Safety Officials (security) personal to provide greater safety on campus and reduce errors in unscheduled unsecured buildings. Also, information sharing across CSO divisions for greater impact in respective campus areas with increased information flow from stakeholders. Better service to campus stakeholders by reducing training time and empowering employees with information on their smartphones.

One person to contact for stakeholder results would be CU-Boulder Admissions in regards to admitted students day this year. While they are unaware of what changed (implementation of website, multiple CSO groups with information and shorter training time for employees) they saw the result of the change through increased service.

Implementation Status

Idea was originally implemented in approximately October 2014, with additional revisions beginning in January and still moving forward with revisions.

Submitter's Information

Submitter's Name: Brian Brown
Submitter's Email:
Additional Team Members: Joseph Rossi, Jonathon Stevenson