Leila McCamey developed a financial reconciliation process and form, to streamline the monthly financial statement reconciliation process for campus accounting personnel. The process, and form, create step by step instructions and details for financial personnel to accomplish, and acts as a checklist for the reconciliation process. Leila is also involved in educating financial personnel on the process, and how to use the form.

How does this impact the University?

This impacts and benefits the University in many ways, but especially in creating efficiencies, both economic and time utilization. Having a streamlined financial reconciliation process ensures that all fiscal staff are acting in accordance with the University's fiscal policies and procedures, and also allows fiscal staff to save time by utilizing the financial reconciliation form.

Implementation Status

Yes, this has been in practice by Leila since November 2012, and has been expanding to other locations, campuses, departments, etc. due to the outreach and education of the process and form.

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