Our office has always met one-on-one with every student seeking services each semester. A student would register with our office and we would conduct an initial intake. We would review documentation, get a self report form each student and then decide on appropriate accommodations if necessary. We would then require students to "renew" with our office each semester to get a copy of their accommodation letters they give to each professor letting them know what accommodations the student qualifies for. This was a very time consuming process each semester and took our office weeks to get all students processed. This process sometimes delayed accommodations from being implemented the first day of each semester.

Our office now made a process where we do not have to individually meet with each renewing student. If the student has no changes to their accommodations they can request one of three ways to process their accommodation letter. 1-Meet with us one-on-one, 2-Let us know they no longer need accommodations or 3- Request their letters via email.

How does this impact the University?

This new process has saved countless work hours processing letters one at a time and meeting individually with each student. The majority of students prefer option 3 list above. This allows each student to choose what professor/class they need to request accommodations with. This new process also cuts down on scheduling appointments for renewals. A typical renewal appointment would last 15-20 minutes. Our office currently serves just over 600 students each year. We now have time to deal with other pressing concerns in our office and ensure accommodations are being met and implicated in accordance to federal requirements.

Implementation Status

Our office implemented this idea last fall 2014 semester. It has been so successful we plan on permanently providing letters in the same manner.

Submitter's Information

Submitter's Name: Ida Dilwood
Submitter's Email:
Additional Team Members: Rachel Gibson