Implementation of a Web-based Content Management System (CMS) for all departments in CU system administration and the establishment of the System Administration Web Team (SAWT). The CU-CMS provides a user friendly interface with a variety of built-in leading-edge tools that allow a non-technical CU employee with little training to create, deploy and manage Web content. SAWT is made up of representatives from CU system departments and are tasked with stewardship and continued enhancement of the CU-CMS.

How does this impact the University?

Before this implementation, CU system websites were a fragmentation of various platforms, with varying technologies, branding, navigational elements; tools and features were few and limited. There was an absence of a tie-in with the larger organization as well as the difficulties in gaining an overall statistical picture. This lack of cohesion led to confusion to end users. Before implementation, a simple change on the Web would have a subject matter expert working with a technical resource to get information on their website. There was little to no communications between offices, leaving departments mostly on their own. The CMS has taken away most of the heavy technical nature of modern Web development and placed the technology in a greater number of people’s hands. Departments no longer have need the technical development staff dedicated to the Web as they once did. With very little training, departments can now allow subject matter experts to be in control of their own content. We now look at and its departments and service centers from a system perspective and not individual silos of activity and the users have been the beneficiary.

Implementation Status

This CMS and SAWT have been in place since February 2014 and we have just completed our first year in production

Submitter's Information

Submitter's Name: Jon Arnold
Submitter's Email:
Additional Team Members: Cathy Beuten, Melanie Jones