Team Information

Alejandro Lleras,, HR & Faculty Affairs Program Director
Rachael O'Donnell, HR Specialist
Jane Eimers, HR Specialist


We centralized our hiring and credentialing process in the Department of Surgery and developed an online tool for all requests and tracking of Position Management, Hiring and Credentialing of all faculty and staff in the department. We were able to consolidate the HR functions of 8 divisions into one unit, increasing accuracy and shrinking timelines for processes. We use an online, form driven request infrastructure through which we can report on, track and analyze the data to determine areas for improvement in the process.


Our units were spending a lot of time with transactions that took time and resources to complete. At the department level, we were fixing more and more mistakes and trying to train all units on the rapid changing HR processes. We saw the need to consolidate these transactions into a highly specialized unit that could serve all units regardless of size or complexity and remain flexible to changes in systems and processes.


The infrastructure was planned and built in the fall of 2017 and implemented on March 1, 2018.