Jon Sherman, Josh Turnquist, Jim Jokumsen, Duane Tucker, Tim Golden


The project involves delivering and shipping of UPS packages for CU staff utilizing Distribution Center (DC) resources, thus reducing UPS staff and vehicles on campus. DC staff took over UPS package processing for approximately 95% of the main campus staff locations.
Here are some benefits:

  • DC staff already are delivering other items to the same locations, so there is an efficiency gain.
  • Less vehicle traffic congestion, with a 90 - 95% reduction of the time UPS vehicles are on campus.
  • A reduction in fossil fuel consumption and emissions with the lowered amount of UPS vehicle traffic.
  • A safer environment for students and all campus pedestrians, as DC drivers are trained to pull over during class changes, and typically avoid parking or driving in pedestrian areas.
  • Cost savings for Facilities Management, as delivery drivers, including UPS, will park and drive in non-designated areas, resulting in damage to sidewalks, lawns, and sprinklers.
  • More personalized service for campus customers.
  • UPS is providing a rebate to help cover costs, and also provided 1 – 1.5% reduction in UPS ship rates.


The motivation was to look for ways to reduce traffic on campus, thus creating a safer environment while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Often it was reported that delivery drivers for outside companies, including UPS, would be seen driving and parking in ways that endangered pedestrians and damaged CU property. Their vehicles often tie up delivery docks, making it difficult for CU staff to perform their delivery duties. It was also determined that DC staff would be able to provide more personalized and improved service.


This process has been implemented on most of the main campus and East campus locations in Boulder (90 - 95%). The goal is to expand to the point that all UPS package processing for Boulder staff is processed through the DC. In the future, there will be efforts made to encompass all delivery companies making package deliveries to CU-Boulder staff campus locations.


The program was started on October 2, 2017.

Submitter's Information

Submitter's Name: Tim Golden
Submitter's Org: Distribution Center / Facilities Mgmt. /Infrastructure & Sustainability
Submitter's Email: tim.golden@colorado.edu