Team Information

Alejandro De Jesus, Associate Director
University of Colorado Colorado Springs.


The University Center and Event Services  Student Employment Master Plan guides a program that helps staff, both students and professionals, assume greater responsibility for their own lives and become productive leaders in the professional world.   By outlining institutional resources, relevant developmental theories, establishing clear expectations, identifying learning outcomes, effectively managing human resources, incorporating skill building and development, utilizing tracking/assessment methods, our goal is to provide outstanding services for our campus community and beyond.

How does this benefit the University?

The University Center and Event Services (UCES) department provides professional support to the University of Colorado Colorado Springs’ (UCCS) students, faculty, staff, and the greater community, through Campus event coordination, facility use coordination, informational/ID services, as well as University Center programming.  To best support UCCS's needs and to serve its commitment to student learning, the UCES department looks to provide valuable developmental employment opportunities for students that offsets the cost of their education, provides students with relevant working experience, while providing an affordable, high functioning, labor pool that works to improve campus efficiencies.  Research shows that a well-designed student employment plan has a positive impact on institutional retention and graduation goals, by developing staff that empowers them to contribute to operations and functions in a meaningful way.

Implementation/Future Plans

August of 2018

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