There is a business process between the financial aid and student financials office that is called “stop lift;” this process allows the aid office to request a temporary lift of a hold on a student's account to allow the student to register. Prior to automating this process, students would come to the student aid office and have a form filled out.  The form was then copied in our office and scanned into our imaging system.  Then, the student would take the form to the student financials office and sign the bottom section with them.  The student financials office would also scan a copy of the form for their records. Now, thanks to our employee’s idea, the request comes in from the student, the form is completed through an online form in Singularity (our imaging system), and a copy of the form is then uploaded and stored in the imaging system, where it can be accessed by both offices.  Finally, the form is emailed to the student for submission to the student financials office to have the registration hold temporarily released so the student can register.

How Does This Impact the University?

This impacts the university in a few ways. First, from a customer service perspective, the student is not physically sent back and forth between offices. Second, by using an online form, we have reduced the amount of paper used in printing, copying and scanning these requests. Third, the student financials office no longer needs to scan the request form, as it is already available to them in Singularity. Fourth, the business process involving two very busy offices has been streamlined, and finally, there is an improvement in terms of the audit trail maintained in the ISIS system.

Implementation Status

This process was fully implemented in December, 2013 and has been extremely successful. The fact that the form is completed and submitted into imaging at the same time means that any staff member can pull up the document in real time and there is no delay waiting for forms to be processed.

Submitted by Jevita Rogers on behalf of Brooke Allen (UCCS)